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Key points for maintaining the sound-absorbing board

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The key points for maintaining the sound-absorbing board mainly include the following aspects:


Regular cleaning: Use a soft and clean damp cloth to gently wipe the surface of the sound-absorbing board to remove dust and stains. Avoid using excessively moist or corrosive cleaning agents to prevent damage to the surface of the sound-absorbing panel. When cleaning, follow the same direction and avoid wiping back and forth to avoid scratches or damage.

Prevent collision and friction: The surface of the sound-absorbing board is relatively fragile, and heavy impacts, collisions, scratches, or friction should be avoided to avoid damage. During use, pay attention to handling with care to avoid objects hitting the sound-absorbing board.

Keep dry: Avoid the sound-absorbing board coming into contact with a large amount of water or moisture, as this may cause the board to deform, mold, or rot. If the sound-absorbing board gets damp accidentally, it should be wiped clean with a dry cloth in a timely manner. When installing sound-absorbing panels, attention should be paid to preventing moisture infiltration and ensuring good ventilation in the area to reduce humidity.

Avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight: sound-absorbing panels are not resistant to high temperatures and should be avoided from direct exposure to sources of fire or high temperature environments to prevent deformation or combustion. Long term exposure to sunlight may also cause color fading or deformation of sound-absorbing panels, so curtains or blinds should be used to block sunlight.

Comprehensive maintenance: Conduct comprehensive maintenance at least once a year, including thoroughly cleaning the surface of the sound-absorbing panel, inspecting and repairing any damage, and reapplying a dust-proof coating (if applicable). This helps to maintain the good performance and service life of the sound-absorbing board.

During the cleaning and maintenance process, specific guidance provided by the sound-absorbing panel manufacturer should be followed. If there are special requirements or suggestions, please follow their instructions for operation. If you find that the sound-absorbing board cannot be repaired or is severely damaged, you should promptly contact professional service personnel for assistance. Through these measures, the long-term effectiveness and aesthetics of sound-absorbing boards can be ensured.