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About us

 Shandong Tianyi New Building Materials Co., LTD was established in Linyi,Shandong Province.With a professional technical team, deep cultivation of sound-absorbing board series products for ten years, according to your needs, customized different product, is a research and development, sales and one of the diversified company. The company has been adhering to the quality, credibility as the source of development, with professional R&D, design and technical personnel, specializing in reverb, echo, high and low noise management and acoustic absorption, sound insulation and other acoustic research. In order to create a higher quality acoustic environment, more in line with the modern fashion decoration concept, the company continues to develop innovation, can meet the different styles and levels of acoustic decoration needs.

   The products are widely used in large theaters, concert halls, movie theaters, recording studios, studios, monitoring rooms, conference rooms, stadiums, exhibition halls, dance halls, KTV rooms, home video halls, factories, silent rooms, courts, lecture halls, interrogation rooms and other acoustic places, as well as factories and large public buildings with excessive noise standards.

   At present, we have exported to the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, North and South, North America Middle East etc. As the professional Acoustic panel ,WPC and HPL products provider strict quality control system, quick response & solution is our basic service, so we ensure your needs in products will be satisfied in our best trying.